Turbo Template Assisted Crystallization

Highly efficient scale prevention technology

TurboTac systems contain a trio of complimentary filter media which combine to prevent hard water scale and remove metals and chlorine.

The system illustration shows the down flow path of the incoming mains water which passes first through a specific media which removes metals such as Iron, Manganese & Copper. The next stage is a premium grade Coconut shell carbon which removes bad taste and odours and chlorine…. which produces great tasting water. The final stage is an up flow path through the central riser tube which contains ScaleStop which is our Template Assisted Crystallisation (TAC) scale prevention technology

TurboTac has fully programmable microprocessor controls to regulate automatic self cleaning, which periodically backwashes to flush any accumulated dirt/sediments out of the tank.

    • Highly efficient scale prevention technology
    • Improves water taste
    • Costs less to buy and operate than conventional water softeners
    • Uses no salt or chemicals – no brine discharge
    • Less maintenance
    • Protects the entire water system and all appliances – including boilers
    • Retains beneficial minerals in the water

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