For Boilers & Water Heaters

The ultimate scale protection for boilers and water heaters

Maintains Efficiency. 

Maintains maximum output capabilities and efficiency of all types of instant water heaters and boilers, tank water heaters and downstream plumbing components, valves and solenoids.

The most efficient available... 

Why install a high efficiency boiler or water heater and use a low efficiency device to protect it? In independent evaluations ScaleStop had double the efficiency of electro/magnetic systems. Efficient scale control means energy efficient water heating.

Saves Energy. 

Keeping boilers free of scale maintains efficiency, saves energy and keeps costs down. Scale build up will eventually cause failures, but before that happens, it’s insulating effect on heat exchangers and heating elements significantly reduces heat transfer efficiency needing more energy to reach temperature.

Temperature Control 

Reduced heat transfer is one issue, but energy is also wasted when heat sensors are coated with limescale. The insulating effect prevents the sensor from accurately measuring water temperature and gives false low readings. The boiler “thinks” the water is not hot enough (even though it actually is) and keeps running, when an accurate sensor reading would shut it down.

Low Maintenance & Easy Installation

Virtually maintenance free. No topping up. Easy cartridge replacement. Extends life of heating system components. Reverses existing scale problems.

Only IN and OUT connections. No electrical connection and no secondary plumbing.


  • ScaleStop needs no salt or chemicals to add or maintain & no discharge.
  • Compact design allows for installation in tight areas.
  • Economical and efficient. Very low maintenance.
  • Retains beneficial minerals in water and produces no waste water.

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