ScaleStop in the home

All the advantages of a softener, without the risk to health and enviroment

Scale Stop… Total lime scale prevention without salt….and completely out performs electronic, sacrificial anode or magnetic devices.

More than 60% of the UK has hard water problems. Hard water is good to drink and good for health, but causes a hard lime scale to build up on metal surfaces damaging heating and hot water systems and over time blocks pipes, taps and shower heads and causes damage and breakdowns in washing machines and dishwashers.

All the advantages of a water softner, without the risk to health and enviroment. The term water softener is only applied to salt based ion exchange systems. Scale Stop therefore is not described as a water softener BUT it provides all the advantages without bringing the disadvantages and associated risks to our health and the environment.

The calcium and magnesium removed by salt based water softeners are essential minerals for our well being, while the sodium added is suspected to aggravate certain cardiovascular health problems and contribute to weight gain.

Scale Stop takes nothing from the water and adds nothing to it….it just prevents scale.

Whole house protection

  • 99.6% efficiency independently verified by the German DVGW test for scale prevention.
  • The proven water softener alternative
  • Fit and forget – quick and simple cartridge change up to two years in domestic properties. Three to five years in systems for larger homes or businesess.
  • No moving parts to break or fail
  • Scale Stop doesn’t waste water in regeneration or backwash – water softeners do.
  • Total boiler and appliance protection with no associated corrosion issues
  • Scale Stop clears existing scale deposits from pipes, fittings and appliances.
  • Unlike water softeners – no salt discharged into the environment
  • Unlike water softeners – no salt to buy or add which will save you money

Just 1mm of scale in boilers, on heating elements or in hot water systems can reduce energy efficiency by 10% and cost you money. In some areas, taste, odour, chlorine and sometimes colour can be issues in water supplies. If these issues cause you problems, we can supply high grade carbon or other selective filters to overcome them.

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