TAC + Carbon Pre Filter

Improve the quality and taste of your drinking water

Compact and economical two stage system with lower flow rates for smaller domestic whole house and hospitality point of use applications.

Stage 1 is a 10 micron activated carbon filter which removes sediment, organics, heavy metals and chemicals – in particular chlorine. This improves the purity, taste and clarity of drinking water. Cartridge should be changed after 60,000 litres or 1 year maximum. 

Stage 2  is a TAC cartridge providing limescale prevention for 2 years before a cartridge change is recommended. 

Benefits of a Carbon Filter

  • Particle Filtration of Sediment and Suspended Solids.
  • Adsorption of Organics and Heavy Metals. Carbon is a naturally adsorptive media, removing dissolved contaminants from water. When heated to 870°C, during the activation process, millions of tiny micropores are created throughout the structure of the cartridge, attracting large organic molecules and heavy metals to the surface.
  • Chemical Reaction with Chlorine. Through chemical interactions with the activated carbon, reactive chlorine molecules are converted to less reactive taste and odour free ions.

  • Far greater efficiency and significantly longer life than jug filters. For this unit, you would need 6,000 jug cartridges to filter the same amount of water.

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