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Protection without restrictions

Water softeners have many limitations in commercial applications which are well recognised and understood. Scale Stop can provide the protection needed without the restrictions associated with water softener systems.

Scale Stop can be used in front of cold water storage tanks as there is no “breakout” from the treated water as is usual with electronic and magnetic devices whose effects typically remain active for only around 48 hours.  This is why electrical/magnetic conditioners are normally installed after the booster pumps rather than before the storage tanks. Further, Scale Stop is NSF 61 Certified for drinking Water.

On systems over 20 cubic metres/hour units are piped in parallel. No brine tank to accommodate no salt to store. 

Independently tested

Independently tested under the German DVGW – W512 protocol with efficiency results of over 95% – equal to or better than salt softener systems.

Cost saving benefits

Capital costs are typically 30% lower than water softeners, with a return on investment (ROI) of less than 1 year.

Operating costs are minimal ScaleStop systems eliminate the costs of tons of salt annually, and the thousands of cubic metres of water used and wasted in regenerating water softeners, making it easy to identify the savings achievable by using Scale Stop to protect your plant. In commercial and industrial systems, media is normally changed after 3 or 5 years (depending on system size) and requires no regular maintenance, topping up, regeneration or backwashing. The cost of a media change is insignificant when compared to 3 years use of salt.

Zero negative environmental impact 

Water companies are seeing an increase in TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) in waste water, in part being created by brine discharge from the regeneration and backwashing of ion exchange water softeners. Salt in the sewers has become a notable contributor to the formation of the FOG (Fats Oil Grease/Fat Bergs) which blocks them according to research at Cranfield University. Because ScaleStop does not waste water, use salt or chemicals, or discharge anything into the drains there is zero negative impact, so helping to achieve environmental targets.

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